High Summer Jersey SS III Trend Women

Fra 90,00 €
Inkl. moms
  • Material: 100% Polyester SummeritLight Mesh, rapid dry and breathable
  • Slim fit
  • Laser-finished lycra sleeve
  • Full length YKK Vislon zip with with camlock
  • Chin protector
  • Silicone gripper
  • 3 Pockets + 1 zipped audio pocket
High Summer Jersey SS III Trend Women
Fra 90,00 €
Wearing this jersey keeps you cool, even during the hottest of days

When you go flat-out, your body produces a lot of warmth. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of all kilojoules your body produces will be used to push the pedals of your bike. This jersey is made to let the extra warmth escape and thereby allowing you to fully use your power on the bike, without overheating.

  • All fabrics that are used to make this jersey have thermo-regulating abilities, so as little energy as possible goes to cooling down your body while riding a bike.
  • It comes with UV-protection, so your skin is less likely to burn. Please note: it is still recommended to wear sunscreen under this jersey.
  • This jersey features the Smart Temp coating. Smart Temp actively reduces, activated by body heat, the body temperature with 2,5 degrees Celsius compared to traditional materials.
  • When your body temperature rises, Smart Temp makes sweat evaporate quickly through the fabric of this jersey, which makes your body temperature drop immediately.
  • When the body temperature is cooled down enough the active cooling stops so you will maintain a optimal body temperature.
  • Really thin mesh fabrics makes for a perfect cooling shirt, whether you are climbing a mountain or speed through a valley.
  • On the front the slightly thicker Giro mesh panel is used, on the back a Time-Out mesh panel.
  • Thanks to the thin fabrics, this is a very lightweight jersey that you hardly notice while cycling.
  • The deep dive collar gives some extra cooling.
  • Available in two colours: Viaggio and Blu Tropico.

The perfect summer jersey, using the latest technologies that keep you cool even during the hottest of days.

Smart Temp

Smart Temp
Active cooling technology



Slim fit

It is designed to sit close to the skin and is cut with the intent to fit a high active riding position.

High Summer Jersey SS III Trend Women fit example High Summer Jersey SS III Trend Women fit example


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