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  1. Leg Warmers Essential DWR
  2. Arm Warmers Essential DWR
  3. Winter knee covers, black
  4. Winter leg covers, water-repellent and reasonable
  5. Leg covers, Seamless black
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  6. Winter arm covers, water repellent and breathable

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The first few miles of a bike tour are always the toughest. Your body's muscles have not yet warmed up and the cold gets to your arms and legs. Arm and leg coverings are developed especially for those first few miles. Many professional racing cyclists wear these while warming up during the spring classic races. But they're also excellent for wearing during descents or during the cooler summer days. AGU also has arm and leg coverings in the collection for winter conditions. For those who want to extend their short bib to a 3/4 bib, AGU has special knee pieces available that are made of insulating, moisture-wicking and water-repellent material. The winter arm and leg coverings insulate, wick moisture away and are water-repellent.

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