Essentials Collectie

The Essential collection is at the very heart of our ranges and includes the items you need to make your ride the best ride ever, irrespective of the type of cyclist you are. The collection builds on our successful summer collection and has been complemented by various winter items, meaning you will be spoilt for choice in terms of layers, materials and fits. The Essential collection is defined by affordable and durable products that will last much longer than just a season, a solid basis that you can always count on. As well as performance, visibility is of utmost importance during the dark winter days and this is why, in this collection, you will find one or more versions of almost every piece of clothing with reflective details, varying from a small reflective detail, to 360-degree all-round visibility. This means you can decide how visible you would like to be. In addition, by using padding and double layering, we have made some products considerably warmer, without compromising on fit or weight. With our new underwear, made partly from merino wool, we ensure that we can protect you against the elements, from top to bottom. Day in, day out.

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