What happens if you give designers free rein in the design of a collection? When anything is possible, no compromises are made and only the very best materials and most advanced technical products are chosen? Our Premium collection was developed on this basis. After considerable experimentation and testing, we succeeded in developing a woven, elastic fabric with an optimum fit.

The woven Italian fabric is stretchy, lightweight and water-repellent, without losing any of its breathable capacity. In terms of cut, the Premium collection was developed with a pre-formed fit in the cycling position for a comfortable ‘racing posture’.

Combined with its low weight, fewer stitched seams, technical laser-cut ventilation openings and the use of the best chamois, the Premium collection offers the perfect outfit for the most discerning cyclist. Furthermore, the collection includes products that, in terms of fit, are specifically designed for women. The Premium line has been developed especially for cyclists who want high-quality design and the best possible materials.

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