Urban Outdoor Collectie

High-quality, technical rainwear is no longer just the territory of the passionate all-weather cyclist or the fanatical mountain biker, as ever more people place great value on a jacket that is both breathable and waterproof. However, this has also created a desire for the clothing to look stylish as well, thus making it a multi-functional item. A trendy jacket that you are happy to wear, come rain or shine.

Our Urban Outdoor items have many technical features that ensure increased comfort, but do it in a stylish and trendy fashion. Although the jackets have a fashionable appearance, the design is based on their use while cycling. You can see this in subtle design details. For example, the sleeves are slightly longer, so that they protect the hands during a rainstorm, and many jackets have a light loop on the back, where you can attach a light. The playful design inside the jacket also hints at its use for cycling, but the items from this range are specifically intended for people who like to look good.

You no longer have to choose between practical and stylish clothing, as the products from the Urban Outdoor line are a perfect combination of the two. We have used top-quality materials, with a matte finish and unobtrusive reflective elements. Tough, no-nonsense designs ensure that when you reach your destination, you are dry and also look stylish: when fashion meets function.

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