No ride is the same and not every cyclist has the same goal, taste, or style. So that demands diversity, various collections, a wide range of products. The Essential collection is the foundation of all our collections.

It includes all the necessary items that you may need during your cycling trips. Close to home or far away. Slow or fast. From a wide range of jerseys and bib shorts to cycling glasses and accessories. Designed so you can feel comfortable, be stylish and stay safe on the road, whatever the weather. And that for an affordable price and strong quality.

Regular Fit

The essential collection has a "regular" fit, as opposed to a tight slim fit that you find in the SIX6 or Premium collection, for example. Due to the regular fit, the shirts and jackets are slightly looser and are more focused on comfort while cycling.

Technology en Functionality

The Essential Collection uses technologies and materials from the Premium collection. These are implemented in our essential products and extensively tested by our own team of enthusiastic riders. This is how we continue to guarantee the quality and durability that every rider can count on, under all conditions.

You could say that the Essential collection is the foundation of all our products. A strong foundation. Whether you are a novice cyclist, mainly for relaxation and fun, or you are an experienced and avid cyclist; You are always prepared for anything with the Essential items.


Our collection includes a wide range of jerseys for all types of cyclists and conditions. Although the fit, design or materials used may vary, you can always rely on a great technical performance of the shirts. From a timeless plain shirt to a water-resistant long sleeve shirt, there is sure to be a style to suit you.

Cycling shorts and tights

The more comfortable you are in the saddle, the longer, further and better you can ride. A good bibshort plays an important role in this. That is why the focus in the development of our trousers is on the material used and the finish of the items. Within our specially designed range of chamois you will always find the right one for your ride.

Cycling jackets

Reliability is a crucial theme for us and with our many years of experience we are convinced that we can offer optimal protection against all types of weather conditions. Our latest cycling jackets are compact, light, easy to carry and packed with innovative solutions. From super light windbreakers to fully waterproof jackets; we provide the protection so that you can continue cycling.

Base layers

Our base layers are perfect for wearing under your shirt all year round. The materials used wick moisture and perspiration away from the skin. This keeps you pleasantly dry and, depending on the weather conditions, warm or cool. The base layers are available with long or short sleeves and in a sleeveless shirt model. All base layers are treated with Polygiene – an antibacterial layer that helps prevent unpleasant odors.


Sustainability is an important starting point in the design and production of all our collections, including the Essential collection, where all horts and tights have our sustainable Greensphere label. There is a complex production and supply chain of raw materials, fabrics, people, transport and a lot of energy is needed so that you can get on your bike with that beautiful clothing or bag.

Sstainable production is complicated and there are not always easy answers or 100% solutions. At least not yet. We see that as a great challenge. It is a daily search and takes research, an adventure that we are happy to embark on in order to make increasingly better, more conscious choices within this chain and to find solutions so that this chain becomes just as green as cycling.



Our collection contains a wide range of accessories that ensure you can make the most of your time on the bike every day. You can rest assured that we apply the relevant technologies where it is most needed so that you are optimally prepared for the circumstances. If you want to finish your outfit in style, we also have the right accessories for that.

Cycling glasses

We believe that a clear and unobstructed view is of great importance on a bicycle. That's why we developed a collection of cycling glasses for a variety of conditions. With our glasses, your vision remains sharp and your eyes are protected. With hydrophobic lenses from which rain pearls to lenses in which contrast-enhancing HD technology has been processed and special photochromatic lenses.


The perfect bicycle helmet is light, ventilates well and of course offers reliable protection. At AGU we design and develop all our helmets ourselves, so that we can always offer the perfect fit, coupled with high wearing comfort and ultimate safety. With a wide range of practical features, we always have the right helmet for you – whatever your level, budget or ambition.

Cycling shoes

Whether you're looking for a pair of super stiff, fast racing shoes or robust and hard-wearing mountain bike footwear. Our starting point is always a neutral, timeless design that is tailored to the existing pedal systems. With models in different price categories, we can offer everyone the right shoe, without losing sight of quality and durability.

The Foundation

The Essential Collection is the foundation of our bike wear collections and includes all the necessary items you may need during your bike rides. From a wide range of jerseys and bib shorts to cycling glasses and accessories, all designed to keep you comfortable. Affordable and always of reliable quality.


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