Together with Primož Roglič we designed a unique and personal "Primož Roglič Signature Cycling Kit". The kit consists of cycling bibshort and jersey the design of which is inspired by the life and personal values of Primož Roglič. Not only a with stand out design, but with the premium quality of our top collections also stand out performance.

"We wanted to do something different, something cool, something that stands out. With many elements that really express who I am."

Primož Roglič

  • Made from the same absolute premium materials as the shirt Primož rides the Tour with!
  • The very thin Giro Mesh fabric and Smart Temp technology ensures that you stay extra cool on really hot days.
  • This cycling shirt fits like a second skin around the body due to the slim fit. Silicone grippers on the bottom ensure that the shirt does not shift while cycling.

The Primoz Roglic signature cycling kit jersey tells his story in different ways. A real must-have cycling jersey for this summer!

  • Made of the same materials and with the same Red 120 chamois that Primož rides the Tour with.
  • Thanks to the Coldblack technology 80% of the heat, generated by the sun, gets reflected. Therefore, the fabric feels noticable less warm when riding in sunny weather.
  • The Lycra cuffs at the bottom of the bibshort ensure that the legs do not shift while cycling.

The Primoz Roglic signature cycling kit bibshort tells his story in different ways. A real must-have item for this summer!

Symbols of a topsports life

We discussed with Primož which elements from his life he would like to see in the shirt. His personal logo is visible and a ski jumper can be seen, a reference to his top sports life before cycling. But also the lion, which for Roglič symbolizes fighting for what you want to accomplish, and a heart, because "if you do, everything you do, from your heart, then it is good." Finally, the gold color in the shirt refers to the Velo D'Or that Roglič won in 2020.

“In everything you do, if you do it from your heart, then it is good.”

"You always try to fight like a lion."

The ski jumper, a tribute to Primož's previous top sport life.

The "PR" logo of Primoz' own company.


Primož Roglič is a cyclist who really needs no introduction. So much is already known about his incredible achievements, his setbacks and challenges, his training regimen, his sporting goals and his career. But in the portarit we made of him, we learn a lot more about what really drives the person Primož Roglič.



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