After a merger in 1966, the Alkmaarse Groothandels Unie arose from a merger of three bicycle wholesalers. Huge success and the international breakthrough followed 10 years later.

In the early years, AGU traded primarily in parts and accessories for bikes and scooters. In 1974, AGU introduced lightweight bike bags. However, the huge success and international breakthrough came in 1976 when AGU's rain suit won a design competition set up by the Dutch Ministry of Traffic and Waterways. More than 1 million of these iconic rain suits were sold throughout Europe, an extraordinary boost for the company.

In 1978, AGU presented its bike racing clothing during a trade show for cycling, the Tweewieler-RAI. But at that point, the company had already taken its first steps in the world of bicycle racing. The sponsoring of world champion Derny Cees Stam in 1977 was the start of AGU’s many years of visibility at the top of the cycling sport. In 1984, AGU joined forces with the legendary Panasonic team led by Peter Post. And in 1990, AGU incorporated Leontien van Moorsel in its team, just days before she won two world championships in Tokyo. After a long and successful period between 1996 and 2012, AGU stopped sponsoring the Rabo team and left the pro peloton.

These 40 years of experience at the highest level still remain the basis of AGU's cycling collection today. Entirely in line with the AGU tradition, the range of cycling clothing answers to the needs of cyclists and mountain bikers at all levels. Reliable, functional and stylish cycling clothing and accessories, with recognizable AGU signature. For sun or rain, from high-value Premium products to high-quality basics in the Essential line, AGU keeps you biking every day.

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