As the name says: click and go! To make the bikebag and therefore every ride even more convenient, we have developed our own fastening system: Click'nGo.

Our product developers have put ease of use at number one and have started designing from there. The result? A premium attachment system that allows you to click the bag onto the bike and remove it from the bike with one hand movement.


The video below shows how the Click'nGo system works and how easy it is to attach the bikebag to almost any luggage carrier.

1. Adjust the hooks in width.

2. Tighten the screws to the tube thickness of your luggage carrier.

3. Place the Swinglock in the correct position at the bottom. 






The Click'nGo mounting system consists of several parts. On the bag on the right you see two Railed Hooks (mounting hooks) that are adjustable in width on the Top Rail. At the top of the hooks is a handle with which the bag can easily be clicked on and off the bike.

The Swinglock is located in the middle of the bag. This keeps the bag in place along the side of the luggage carrier, so that it cannot flap in the wind. At the bottom of the bag is an extra protective edge, the Guard Rail.





In addition to the Railed Hooks, we also have the Fixed Hooks, which are not adjustable in width. Finally, the Lockring. This is, as it were, a lock for your bicycle bag. It is a small iron ring that can be screwed to the bikebag, so that the bag cannot simply be taken off the bike.





If a part of the Click'nGo system unexpectedly needs to be replaced, it can be easily reordered and replaced. Below you will find all spare parts. Click on the product to shop this part and watch the intruction video. 


Shop de nieuwste tassen met Click'nGo


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