There is no such thing as bad weather for cycling, only wrong clothing. This does not only apply to temperature, but also to cycling at dawn and dusk. The solution for all early birds and night owls? Reflective elements, bright neon colours and Hi-vis clothing! Our AGU collection items makes it possible...


Good visibility when riding the bike is of central importance and without question one of the most important safety elements for cyclists. In darkness, the reflective mist print on the jackets and pants from the Commuter Collection ensures increased visibility. The print reflects direct light from headlights or street lights, shining on the jacket. This way, you are always perfectly visible when cycling at night or commuting to and from work in winter.

To make sure you are always visible on your bike at dusk, on cloudy days or during heavy rain, all AGU Commuter products have details in neon yellow hi-vis color.

The neon yellow color not only absorbs and reflects visible light like normal colors, but also absorbs energy from the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. This energy absorption is in turn reflected back as light, making it look as if the jacket itself is emitting light. The result: the neon yellow color is perceived by the eye to be two to three times brighter than other colors - and as a cyclist you are therefore perfectly visible in traffic.

To improve your visibility and therefore your safety on the bike, it is important to us that you can be seen optimally from every perspective. That's why we have not only added eye-catching colors and reflective elements to the jackets and pants of the Commuter collection, but also to the accessories such as gloves, and helmet covers.


Even in autumn, when temperatures can be very mild, it gets dark early and light conditions and visibility are poor. For this purpose the HiVis products from our Essential collection are perfect, like the Essential Wind Vest or the Essential Wind Jacket. With reflective details and neon colors they are the perfect companion for dull and rainy autumn days. Another highlight: You can easily store them in your back pocket!


Your bike bags should also be clearly visible. The AGU Shelter Bags have a 3M reflection and are available in eye-catching neon yellow color - so you won't be overseen even in the dark! The Shelter Bags are available in different sizes and shapes. Whether you want to carry a few snacks on the road, your laptop or your sports gear - we have the right bag solution for you.

More helpful tips on how to stay visible on the bike:

  • If you are riding on unlit roads you should in addition to reflective cycling clothing always make sure that there are enough light sources on the bike, such as front and rear lights, and that all reflectors are installed on the bike.
  • All AGU Urban helmets also have an integrated light, with which your head is always perfectly visible.
  • In general, bright and colorful clothing is always more visible at dusk than dark colors, such as black and gray.

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