Vigarous Helmet

As low as €100.00
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  • Double in-mould helmet: extra strong and lightweight
  • Aerodynamic profile design
  • 3 oversized ventilation openings and 7 regular vents
  • Exposed internal cage
  • Direct dial system
  • Lightweight Y-Buckles and straps
  • Complies with the EN1078 standard
Vigarous Helmet
As low as €100.00
For me, a helmet must meet three requirements: comfortable, safe and a sleek design. This Vigarous meets all three, highly recommended!
The Vigarous helmet excels through its aerodynamic profile and sleek appearance, developed 100% in-house at AGU. Meticulous care has been taken in the development of this lightweight helmet, including details such as the unique use of Y-buckles and the use of intentionally oversized vents. A contemporary look with heaps of attitude that does not skimp on the performance or safety.