R410 Road Scarpe

A partire da 75,00 €
Tasse incl.
Med unisex R410 har vi omsat viden og teknologi fra vores førsteklasses produkter til en sko til en meget attraktiv pris.
  • Nylon Fibreglass sole
  • Suitable for 3-bolt pedal system
  • 3 Velcro Closures
R410 Road Scarpe
A partire da 75,00 €
Good value for money for a nice slim shoe.
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As a rider you want as much power as possible from your legs to be transferred to your pedals as directly as possible, without loss of strength. A good cycling shoe is essential for this. With the unisex R410 we have translated knowledge and technology from our premium products into a shoe with a very attractive price.

  • The shoe is light and slim with a smooth fit.
  • The Velcro straps provide a reliable and easy way to properly pull the shoes snuggly around the foot.
  • The rigid fiberglass sole of the R410 provides the desired power transmission.

A comfortable and attractively priced cycling shoe for every ride.

Product properties

Product properties

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Commercial ColorBlack
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