Solid Merino Maillots SS II SIX6 Homme

Prix normal 120,00 € À partir de 84,00 €
  • Matière: laine mérinos polyester, sèche rapidement, respirant et moulant
  • Laser-fini lycra manches manchette en silicone
  • pleine longueur YKK Vislon zip avec avec camlock
  • Chin protecteur et short protecteur
  • pince silicone
  • 3 poches + 1 caché de poche audio compressé résistant à l'eau
Solid Merino Maillots SS II SIX6 Homme
Prix normal 120,00 € À partir de 84,00 €
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La description
La description

Our Solid Merino Cycling Shirt for men is made of a unique dyed wool, which gives the shirt a luxurious look and intense colors. In addition to the fact that Merino wool is very breathable in warm weather, it also insulates well in colder temperatures, and dries quickly after a rain shower. In the refined design with minimal branding, a rich past merges with contemporary functionality, such as a waterproof back pocket for your phone, for example. The cycling jersey stays in place thanks to the silicone gripper at the bottom and the zipper garage and laser-cut sleeves prevent irritated skin.

The Six6 collection refers to 1966, the year in which AGU was founded. This collection is made for all cycling adventures. Creativity, the desire to go outside, cycle and discover even more are at the heart of the collection. Made with a classic look, the latest fabrics and most innovative techniques.


Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep and is a natural product that has very good properties for a comfortable cycling jersey. Merino keeps you dry and provides warmth when it's cold. But even in warmer conditions merino works wonders. Due to its high breathability, it keeps you cool when it’s warm. In addition to that, it’s odor resistant, lightweight and gentle on the skin. Merino wool does not itch and is thinner than regular wool, which makes this thermal shirt very comfortable to wear. We’ve also added polyamide and elastane to the blend to keep the fabric strong and stretchy. This also adds to the durability and a comfortble wear. A material that you can enjoy all year round.




Coupe ajustée

Il est conçu pour s'asseoir près de la peau et est coupé dans le but de s'adapter à une position de conduite active élevée.

Solid Merino Maillots SS II SIX6 Homme fit example Solid Merino Maillots SS II SIX6 Homme fit example


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Product properties

Product properties

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