Transsonic Casque MIPS

À partir de 200,00 €
If you want to ride fast and safe, you need the Transsonic MIPS helmet. It is the fastest helmet possible, developed in close cooperation with the Technical University of Eindhoven. A very innovative helmet that reinvented helmet aerodynamics.
  • Windtunnel proven aerodynamic design
  • Système de protection contre les impacts multidirectionnels (MIPS)
  • Conception Airflow pour une ventilation optimale
  • Lightweight double in-mould helmet
  • Direct dial system
  • Boucles et sangles en Y
  • Conforme à la norme EN1078
Transsonic Casque MIPS
À partir de 200,00 €
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Product advantages

Product advantages


MIPS system
Protection supplémentaire contre les chocs

Windtunnel Tested

Testé en soufflerie

La description
La description

If you want to wear the fastest helmet possible, you need the AGU Transsonic MIPS. A super aerodynamic helmet, developed from scratch in close cooperation with the Technical University of Eindhoven. We've reinvented helmet aerodynamics with this project and the technology is windtunnel proven. The airflow over the helmet gives minimal resistance while the airflow through the helmet generates minimal drag, all to maximise your speed while riding. The fastest helmet possible is here for you!

  • AGU has tested the Transsonic MIPS in the wind tunnel together with the Technical University of Eindhoven and optimised it accordingly.
  • The result is an innovative design: the wind is channelled over and through the helmet with as little resistance as possible. The airflow at the back has also been optimised, so that the wind can quickly escape.
  • AGU has also thought about safety. The helmet features MIPS technology. This involves an inner shell, integrated into the padding of the helmet. In the case of a crash, the shell moves slightly. The pressure released in a crash is thus spread. In other words: the impact on the head is less.
  • The helmet has a comfortable fit and can easily be loosened or tightened with a direct dial system at the back.
  • You can close the helmet with a Y-buckle and strap.
  • The helmet of preference for the riders of Beat Cycling.
  • Available in three sizes (S, M and L) and two colours (Black and White).
  • Do you want to know which size is right for you? Simply measure the circumference of your head from above the eyebrows to the back of your head and check the size in centimetres.
  • This helmet meets the EN1078 standard.

An ultra-fast helmet that has been proven in the wind tunnel to be the fastest helmet and which reinvented helmet aerodynamics.

Product properties

Product properties

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