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The weather's not nice every day, unfortunately. It would seem as if it rains more often than the sun shines. So you want to be properly protected from the rain. After all, there's nothing more annoying than wet clothing. AGU has made rain clothing for many years. We keep you, the wearer of this clothing, in mind when we design and produce this clothing. Therefore, AGU raingear is made of supple material for considerable range of motion. It's also given many practical details and a contemporary design. AGU is the market leader in the area of raingear and has suitable protection for everyone. AGU's rain hats keep your head completely dry – also in a southwesterly gale. The Zuidwesters have a classic appearance, just as the rest of the entire AGU rainwear collection. So whether it's raining or not, you'll always look good with the AGU rain at.


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