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Bicycle helmet

From road bike helmet to mountain bike helmet, from e-bike helmet to pedelec helmet. We have bicycle helmets in all shapes and sizes. For both children and adults. First and foremost a bicycle helmet should offer good protection against head injuries in the event of a traffic accident or fall. Every AGU helmet, therefore, meets the European safety standards for bicycle helmets. In addition, all our helmets are lightweight and very comfortable. They have great ventilation, so you can, literally and figuratively, keep your head cool. Last but not least our helmets are designed to maximize airflow through and over the helmet for optimal aerodynamics.

Cycling helmet

Our cycling helmets are aerodynamic in shape and made according to the in-mold principle. This means that the hard outer shell of the helmets is fused with the EPS foam inside *. This makes them extra safe, robust, and light at the same time. The cycling helmets are easy to adjust to the correct head size using the Direct-dial adjustment system. In addition to that, the antibacterial padding prevents unpleasant smells in your cycling helmet. And have you thought about a brightly colored HI-vis helmet, or a helmet with reflective properties? This makes you even more visible in the dark!

Mountain bike helmet

The mountain bike helmets in our collection have the same features as cycling helmets but are equipped with the MTB typical visor. But a visor is more than just a look: it protects your face and eyes from sunlight, rain, snow, and spatter from your predecessor. It also keeps branches and bushes out of your face and eyes as you bomb through the trees down those overgrown trails. If you do remove the visor, the MTB helmet can also serve as a regular road bike helmet!

E-bike helmet: pedelec

For a suitable e-bike helmet, select the pedelec category in the filters at the top of this page, and browse through our range of state-of-the-art e-bike helmets. Especially for fast commuters who can reach up to 45 kilometers per hour with their e-bikes, these specific helmets are essential. These helmets are certified and comply with NTA-8775 standards. This way you can be sure that you are putting on a safe e-bike helmet that meets all legal requirements. The bicycle helmets in this category naturally also meet high standards in terms of looks, ease of use, and functionality.

Wearing a bicycle helmet is the main thing

There are plenty of reasons to wear a bicycle helmet. Most importantly, it reduces the risk of serious head injury in a traffic accident or fall by up to 65%. Using safe, lightweight cycling helmets can make the difference between life and death. Wearing a helmet is simply common sense and the smart thing to do. Fortunately, today's helmets are beautiful too! Just take a look at our extensive bicycle helmet range and find out for yourself.

* If you did suffer an impact on your helmet then keep in mind that it is advisable to replace your helmet. EPS is a single impact material that absorbs the energy of a crash by deforming. You may not see it directly but after a crash or a fall, the impact absorbing capacity of EPS may be gone.


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