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Bike gloves

Cycling gloves are part of the basic gear for cyclists. They keep your hands warm in the winter, dry in the rain, and grippy in sweaty summer weather. In the event of a fall or crash, they will also protect your hands from injury. At AGU you will find a wide range of cycling gloves. From cycling gloves that are both windproof and water-repellent, full-fingered length MTB gloves to gloves with a gel padding that can absorb shocks well. Whether you go on long bike rides or go to work by bike: with us you will undoubtedly find the cycling glove that fits.

Cycling gloves in different materials

There is a lot to choose from as far as materials go. For example, we have lycra cycling gloves that fit well to your hands. But we also have stretch mesh cycling gloves that provide extra ventilation on high summer days. We also have neoprene gloves. These are water and windproof, keeping your hands dry and making them ideal for long rides in bad weather. We also have gloves with different padding, various closures, and models with both long and short fingers.

Racing bike gloves: the right size

When buying road bike gloves, choosing the right size is crucial. Not too small - otherwise your fingers can feel cramped - but also not too big because that can cause you to lose grip. To order the right size, simply measure the circumference of your hand. Use a tape measure just below the knuckles of your fingers. Don't include your thumb. This will probably result in a circumference between 21.5 cm (XS) and 28 cm (XXXL).


XS < 21,5
S 21,5 - 23 cm
M 23- 24,5 cm 
L 24,5 - 26 cm 
XL 26 - 27,5 cm
XXL 27,5 - 28 cm 
XXXL > 28 cm 



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