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Ponchos from AGU are extremely practical. They have a zipper, for example. This prevents a lot of hassle when putting them on in wind and weather. After all, the poncho need not be pulled on over your head, but you can put it on like you would a regular jacket, using the zipper. The ponchos are compact and can be stowed easily. Even when it's blowing, the poncho is good to wear thanks to the special straps that can be tied around your waist to prevent billowing. The ponchos equipped with a hood can be adjusted in multiple ways so that the hood fits perfectly and so that you can safely turn around to see behind you. AGU ponchos are particularly functional and comfortable. They are ideal not only for cyclists, but also for walkers, horse riders and Nordic walkers, for example.

The poncho has gained ground in recent years and we at AGU think this is only logical. After all, a poncho keeps not only your head, arms and body dry, but also your legs to a great extent. It is compact when folded up, so that you can simply take it with you in your backpack or bike bag to use when you need it.

With the loops for your hands, you can also keep your hands dry and stop the poncho from flapping up during a gust of wind. Our ponchos of course also feature handy details such as a storage pouch, reflective details and an adjustable hood. Due to the wide range of colours, you are guaranteed to find the right shade for you.


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