Cycling to work has many advantages: the movement and fresh air let you arrive at your workplace relaxed and you can concentrate better. But especially in autumn and winter the rides can be less comfortable due to rain and cold temperatures. When it rains a lot and it gets dark early you have to be properly equipped to arrive dry and safe at your destination - and yes, that’s possible! With our new AGU Commuter outerwear Collection...

#1 More visibility, more safety

Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, especially in the darker seasons, you should wear highly visible cycling clothing. All products from the Commuter collection are either neon yellow and/or have reflective Hi-Vis prints, which make you extremely good visible in the headlights.

Of course you always also have to protect your head with a good helmet. The AGU CIT-E IV LED helmet with a removable LED light is perfect for commuting. The neon yellow AGU helmet cover from the Commuter collection is waterproof and has reflective details to ensure that it keeps your head and helmet visible and dry at the same time.

#2 Arrive dry at your destination

All products from the new Commuter outerwear collection are made of Poray 10.000 and are 100% waterproof, even at higher speeds, such as on a speed pedelec or e-bike. And still highly breathable. The Poray 10,000 membrane in the fabric ensures that perspiration escapes to the outside and rain cannot get in. Of course, all zippers of the products are glued so that no water can get through. For even more protection from rain, the jackets from the Commuter Tech line have an overlap so that the zippers are doubly protected against rain.

#3 After the sun comes rain?

The weather in autumn can be rude: in the morning the sun shines, on the way home it suddenly rains in streams. But we wouldn't be AGU if we didn't also have the perfect solution for this: the Commuter Compact Line. All products from the compact line have integrated bags in which they can be stowed super lightweight and easily - you are always prepared for spontaneous rain!

#4 Clever details make the difference 

The AGU Commuter collection is full of sophisticated technical details that make your wet weather rides extremely comfortable. The jackets have longer sleeves on the upper side of the sleeve, so that your hands are protected from rain.

The hood has a continuous adjustable system with a cord. With this you can fit the hood perfectly for your head and make sure that it doesn't slip and doesn't affect your vision.

The rain pants from the collection have an extra long zipper on the side so you can easily put them on and take them off. They also have integrated overshoes which you can put over your shoes if necessary.

#5 Protect your luggage!

Of course not only you but also your luggage should arrive dry at your destination. Therefore we have matching, waterproof bike bags from the Shelter collection. Of course these are also 100% waterproof and Hi-Vis due to the bright colors and reflective patterns.

 #6 And what if it gets cold?

We have a solution for that too: The Commuter Winter Line. All the pieces in this line are lined with micro-fleece in the right places, so that you stay warm, but still have maximum freedom of movement and it is at the same time very breathable.

More information on the new Commuter collection:

  • The majority of the collection’s pieces are made of recycled polyester and are therefore super environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • In addition to jackets and pants, the collection also includes all necessary accessories, such as gloves, a body, helmet covers and overshoes.
  • All products of the Commuter collection come with a bag, so you can easily take them with you.

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