From Alaska to Patagonië on a bike 


Special, motivating and above all very inspiring.
When Jonathan van Nieulande told us about his plans for this wonderful adventure, we naturally had no choice but to support this journey with AGU products.

A great trip with a wonderful goal, in every way. We are more than proud of you Jonathan!

Jonathan van Nieulande


The Belgian Jonathan Nieulande (@cyclingtroughlife), only 27 years old, started his journey from Alaska to Patagonia by bicycle in May 2022. Just a wild idea? Certainly not. Jonathan grew up in an adventurous family. His parents ran their own bakery. They worked very hard for most of the year, but once it was summer vacation, they went out. Weeks on an adventure with the family. Into the mountains, hiking, cycling and making campfires. For years he has chosen to take on various challenges by bicycle. He now knows his way around in countries such as France, Italy, Scotland, Sweden, Iceland, Albania and even Nepal.

Dare to dream - Lead by example 

When he is not on his bike, Jonathan teaches at a primary school in Belgium. “I try to provoke, challenge, seduce my students into dreaming big dreams and also to chase them, no matter how wild or unattainable they seem at first sight. But what kind of teacher would I be if I didn't put my money where my mouth is?” Under the motto 'lead by example', he now cycles more than 9.5 thousand km under Alaska in Central America, packed to continue his journey south.

Travel with Jonathan van Nieulande


All adventures, different cultures, people he meets, wise lessons and tips can be read and seen via his own website and Instagram page. And his journey can also be followed here on

Jonathan doesn't just cycle for adventure, but also for a good cause: Via Don Bosco, which is close to his heart. This organization helps children in South America to go to school. In addition, they invest in local teacher training and help young graduates on the labor market. In order to give this charity more publicity, Jonathan is linking sponsors.


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