No ride is the same and not every cyclist has the same goal, taste, or style. So that demands diversity, various collections, a wide range of products.

Anyone who knows our cycling clothing has undoubtedly seen them before; the items from the SIX6 collection with a 6 on the chest, on the thigh or on the front of the chest. you can't miss it. But why SIX6? What does this collection stand for? We are happy to tell you.


The SIX6 collection has a "slim" fit, in contrast to a regular, more loose fit that you find in an Essential or Trend collection, for example. With this slim fit, the shirts and jackets are slightly tighter and are more tuned to speed and performance while cycling.

High-quality and innovative with a classic look

AGU was founded in 1966. The year in which everything started for us and in which cycling took on a new meaning. Passion and pioneering, were the basis of our departure.

Nowadays breathable polyester shirts or a synthetic chamois in trousers are staples in cycling kit, things were quite different in the 1960s. The choice of high-quality and good fabrics was a lot more limited back in the day. Natural materials such as wool, cotton and leather where the go to materials . Which in itself is not a bad thing, not by a long shot, but in terms of comfort and fit left something to be desired.

In the years that follow, innovation has been pivotal to everything we do and produce. And that is reflected in the current  SIX6 collection. We have managed to combine the cool style of the past with the most modern fabrics and techniques of today. The result is durable products of the highest quality in a stylish vintage look.

Cycling Jerseys

A highlight of the collection is the Merino Jersey a real eye-catcher that combines the best of the past and present. Merino wool gives that classic look, which is reminiscent of the woolen cycling jerseys from the last century. But the wool we work with today sets a whole new standard in practical wearing comfort and quality. No itch, a good fit, and good breathability. Supplemented with the super comfortable Classic jersey and the High Summer mesh jersey, both made with 100% recycled polyester, there is plenty of choice in sustainable and high-quality jerseys.

Cycling Bib shorts and Tights

The more comfortable you are in the saddle, the longer, further and better you can cycle. Good bib shorts and bib tights play an important role in this. That is why the focus in the development of our trousers is on the material used and the finish of the items. All trousers in the SIX6 collection have our highest quality Black 320 chamois.

Cycling Jackets

The jackets of the SIX6 collection are of the highest quality, whereby the techniques and fabrics used are the same as with the clothing we make for Team Jumbo-Visma. We have fully waterproof jackets, and jackets that will keep you dry and warm in the winter cold!


Sustainability is an important starting point in the design and production of all our collections, including the SIX6 collection, which falls completely within our sustainable Greensphere label. A whole chain of raw materials, materials, people, transport and a lot of energy is needed so that you can get on your bike with that beautiful clothing or bag.

Sustainable production is complicated and there are not always easy answers or 100% solutions. At least not yet. We see that as a great challenge. Searching for solutions, researching answers, everyday. It's an adventure that we are happy to embark upon in order to make increasingly better, more conscious choices within the proces of producing our products. Our ambition is to find solutions that are just as green as cycling is.


The SIX6 collection tells our living history. The looks of the past, the quality of today.


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