Starting with cycling: what are the essentials?

Clearing your mind while riding your bike, enjoying the spring blossoms along the road. Starting with a headwind and tailwind on the way back home. Sounds good, but where do you start when you want to put a kit together? In this blog we will show you three items you can’t leave without.

The right helmet

Good protection while riding a bike is of vital importance. The fit of a helmet is crucial when choosing the right size and model. To decide the right size, you can measure the circumference of your head, starting two centimetres above the eyebrows. Choose the helmet with a size range that matches this circumference. All of the AGU helmets are easily adjustable to your fit with a dial system. The biggest variable of the helmets within our collection are their weight and design.

AGU Vigarous MIPS

The AGU Vigarous helmet is available as a ‘normal’ edition and one with the MIPS system. MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and is designed to add protection against rotational motion transferred to the brain. Rotational motion affects the brain and increase the risk for minor and severe brain injuries. When implemented in the helmet, MIPS can reduce rotational motion by redirecting energies and forces otherwise transferred to the brain. So you can enjoy the ride even more.

The right cycling shorts

When riding a road- or mountainbike, a short with a chamois pad is an absolute must. The chamois pad offers comfort and the more comfortable you are, the longer you can enjoy your time on the bike. Our custom designed range of chamois pads consists of three different options; the GREEN95, RED120 and BLACK320. All three in a men- and women specific design. The RED120 and BLACK320 chamois pads are both used by the pro riders of Team Visma | Lease a Bike. There are two types of cycling shorts available, the bibshort and short.

AGU Essential collection

The Essential collection forms the backbone of our range of apparel and is the perfect starting point in search for the right cycling kit. It comprises all the basics you would need for your ride. Affordable but without ever making compromises, making use of the trickling-down of higher-end technologies to implement into these essential items. No matter what cyclist you are, what roads you ride, or where you set your goals, the Essential collection is bound to provide you with the ways and means to make the absolute most of your bike rides.

Improve your vision with good cycling glasses

Eyes tearing up because of the wind are no longer an issue with the right cycling glasses. Because we believe a clear and unimpeded vision is very important on the bike, we have developed a collection of eyewear for cycling in all sorts of conditions. From hydrophobic lenses to keep the rain off, to Anti-Fog and photochromic lenses, our range of performance orientated eyewear keeps your sight sharp and your eyes protected.

AGU Verve

Since season 2020, AGU is not only providing Team Visma | Lease a Bike as clothing partner, but with performance eyewear as well. This collaboration results in a whole new range of glasses. The Verve cycling glasses feature an innovative interchangeable frame so now every rider can choose between a full-frame or frameless option. Available in different varieties, that all provide a significant improvement in vision.


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