No ride is the same and not every cyclist has the same goal, taste, or style. So that demands diversity, various collections, a wide range of products.

As the name suggests: In the Trend collection, in addition to quality, design and design play an important role. Which colours, prints and fabrics are the latest fashion trends? And how can we combine these with innovations and the best techniques in the field of cycling clothing? That is what our designers focus on in the Trend collection.

Regular Fit

The essential collection has a "regular" fit, as opposed to a tight slim fit that you find in the SIX6 or Premium collection, for example. Due to the regular fit, the shirts and jackets are slightly looser and are more focused on comfort while cycling.

Quirky, striking and functional

This collection is characterized by the idiosyncratic character of the clothing, aimed at riders who are not afraid to color the roads. The items give a playful twist to fashionable patterns, without compromising on quality and functionality. Thanks to the wide choice of colors and prints, you can put together your outfit down to the last detail and perfect it with the available accessories. Bike fashion, that's how you could also characterize the Trend collection.

The High Summer products also fall within this collection. Exclusive items made of mesh structure fabrics for extra ventilation and lightweight performance. This way you cycle carefree and well-groomed during the hottest days of the year.

Cycling Jerseys

Our collection includes a wide range of jerseys for all types of cyclists and conditions. Although the fit, design or materials used may vary, you can always rely on functionality. From warm thermal shirts with long sleeves, to high summer shirts for the hottest days.

Bib shorts and bib tights

The more comfortable you are in the saddle, the longer, further and better you can cycle. A good bibshort plays an important role in this. That is why the focus in the development of our trousers is on the material used and the finish of the items. Within our specially designed range of chamois you will always find the right one for your ride.

Bike Jackets

You will find cycling jackets in striking but stylish colors in the Trend collection, especially in the autumn items. The thermal jackets for both men and women are warm, breathe well and are comfortable so that you can continue cycling in style in the colder months.


Sustainability is an important starting point in the design and production of all our collections. There is a complex production and supply chain of raw materials, fabrics, people, transport and a lot of energy is needed so that you can get on your bike with that beautiful clothing or bag.

Sustainable production is complicated and there are not always easy answers or 100% solutions. At least not yet. We see that as a great challenge. It is a daily search and takes research, an adventure that we are happy to embark on in order to make increasingly better, more conscious choices within this chain and to find solutions so that this chain becomes just as green as cycling.



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