The perfect cycling outfit for summer: It’s getting hot!

Riding a bike in the blazing heat can be pretty tough - but it can also be a lot of fun! With these useful tips & tricks you can have fun on your tour even when the heat is on!

#1 The right cycling clothing for the heat

When it is very hot outside, it is extra important to wear the right outfit to avoid overheating. The materials are especially important here. The AGU High Summer Jersey is extra breathable and made using high-end product technologies. The High-Summer jersey is therefore perfect for the hottest of days and suitable for all passionate cyclists. The open mesh structure provides active cooling. The shoulder and back areas have been provided with UV-resistant fabrics.

Do you prefer sleeveless tops so your arms get tanned during the ride? Then our AGU High Summer Racer top in bright pink or dark blue is just right for you.

#2 The right bike clothing to protect against UV radiation

Especially in summer it is extremely important to protect your body against harmful UV radiation. It is best to wear light-coloured cycling clothes made of light, breathable functional fabrics. These are air-permeable, sweat-repellent and protect you against the sun. The AGU High Summer Jersey for women and men is available in three pretty summer colours and is provided with UV-resistant fabrics for an even better protection against the aggressive summer sun. We recommend to use a good sunscreen in addition. And of course, AGU sunglasses should not be missing to protect your eyes.

#3 The 'coolest' accessories for hot bike rides

One of the most annoying thing when riding a bike in the heat are throbbing hot hands or swollen feet. To prevent this, you should make sure that you wear the right socks and gloves. The AGU High Summer Socks are made of Meryl Skinlife material, meaning they are light, breathable and quick-drying. For your hands the unpadded, breathable AGU High Summer Gloves made of mesh are perfect - your hands and feet will thank you for it!

#4 The right bib shorts for the hottest days

On super hot days it is very important that cycling shorts are breathable so that you do not sweat in them. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also injure the skin on longer rides due to friction. The padding of the AGU High Summer bib shorts for women and men is super thin, light, highly breathable and hard-wearing. The top layer of the padding is made of CoolCube, which prevents irritation and abrasions and at the same time wicks sweat away from the skin. This keeps the padding fresh and dry. This pad is used in aero shorts and provides comfort and support in the most extreme situations. By the way: the professional riders of the Team Jumbo-Visma also wear shorts with this padding.

The use of the innovative Coldblack technology ensures that 80% of the heat radiated by the sun is reflected. As a result, the fabric heats up noticeably less due to the sun. And on top the coldblack technology offers protection against UV radiation.

#5 Bye, bye, sweat (-y smell)

When it is hot outside and we ride really fast, we often have to deal with unpleasant sweaty smells within a very short time. The AGU Summerday Base Layer is an exclusive blend of breathable mesh fabrics that wicks away sweat and heat even on the hottest of days. A minimum of seams prevents the clothing from rubbing against the skin. This is an important feature, especially on long rides in the summer heat. Thanks to the Polygiene treatment, unpleasant odours are also reduced.

More helpful tips for cycling in hot temperatures:

  • Don’t forget to drink enough and regularly! Increased sweating leads to a severe loss of fluid of up to one litre per hour.
  • Adapt your training to the conditions, shift intensive sessions to the morning hours and take a more relaxed approach to cycling. Cycling in hot weather puts additional stress on your cardiovascular system.
  • Even on hot days you should not never ride without an AGU helmet: The helmet also protects you from direct sunlight.

Do you need help to find the perfect helmet or sunglasses? The AGU helmet guide and the AGU sunglasses guide offer a remedy.


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