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Cycling shorts and bib shorts for men

Are you looking for cycling shorts? Here at AGU you will find a wide collection of cycling shorts and bibshorts with chamois pad for men. We have them in various shapes and sizes, colors and price points. We’ve got shorts and long tights, for cyclists, gravellers and mountain bikers. From well ventilating summer cycling shorts to insulated cycling tights for winter riding. In other words, you will find suitable cycling shorts with and without pad for every season and every occasion. Take a look at our range and choose the pair of cycling shorts that best suit you.

If you're not sure which size will fit you best, check out our size chart.

Cycling shorts with pad for men

Cycling shorts with a pad are an absolute “must” for men. It ensures that you can sit more comfortably on the saddle and continue your all day rides without any saddle sore or related problems. In many of our shorts and bibshorts we use the Red 120 chamois pad. With it these shorts are suitable for both long and short journeys. The cycling shorts with Red 120 chamois are flexible, comfortable and sturdy where needed. The material has a high damping value and prevents irritations to the skin. That makes it the ultimate favorite in our collection. The cyclists of Team Jumbo-Visma also use this chamois pad.

We also use our Green 95 chamois pad in other cycling shorts. This is an entry-level model with 10 mm foam of quick-drying material. With excellent damping and excellent value for money. That makes it the perfect choice for both the novice and experienced cyclist. Last but not least, our premium cycling shorts are equipped with the Black 320 chamois pad. It is thin, light, very breathable and durable. The material dampens well and prevents chafing. Even in the most extreme situations, these cycling shorts with pad offer comfort and support.

For more information about the various pads check out our chamois pad guide.

Cycling shorts for runners and skaters

Various cycling tights from our collection are made with and without a pad. This makes them interesting for runners and skaters as well. The cycling shorts fit well and are mostly nicely finished with silicone leg grippers and flatlock seams to prevent any irritation. In addition to that, many of our cycling shorts for men have reflective elements on both the calf and shin. This improves yor visibily on the road especially in the dark, during rain showers or at dusk.

Modern cycling shorts for men

The cycling shorts for men in our collection are made of the most technically advanced fabrics, and we use the latest techniques. For example, the shorts use a multi-panneled fabrication. As a result, cycling shorts for men have a perfect fit. And increasing the feeling of a perfect fit are the fabrics we use, offering a smooth and comfortable feel. The wear-resistant materials ensure that the cycling shorts have an extra long lifespan and can take a beating.


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