Women Team Jumbo-Visma also ride in AGU tailor-made clothing

Fastest cycling clothing now also available for Marianne Vos and teammates

Alkmaar, 29 January 2021 - From 2021 AGU will be the clothing partner of the recently started women's cycling team of Team Jumbo-Visma. The Dutch rainwear, bicycle bags and cycling clothing brand thus further expands its activities as the permanent clothing partner of Team Jumbo-Visma. AGU ensures that the women's team also rides in the fastest clothing. The products are developed in close collaboration with the riders themselves. AGU provides them with cycling wear, accessories, sunglasses and casual clothing.

Over the past few months AGU has been working closely with the riders to develop the clothing and accessories for the team. To ensure that they also ride in the fastest clothing, the clothing has been extensively and thoroughly tested in wind tunnels. Since January 2019, AGU has been the clothing partner of Team Jumbo-Visma. This suited both sides so well that the contract was converted to an indefinite contract just one year later. Now that the women's team of Team Jumbo-Visma has also started in 2021, AGU is expanding its activities as a clothing partner.

Richard Plugge, director of Team Jumbo-Visma: "In recent years AGU has proven itself as a clothing partner of the men's cycling team by consistently providing our riders with the fastest clothing. AGU is not only a partner of our WorldTour team, but also of the Development Team, our associations and now the women's team. I think it's great that the women's team, which has just started, can also ride in the fastest clothing. The riders think so too, by the way; Marianne Vos and her teammates are very enthusiastic."

No shrink it and pink it

AGU is pleased to be able to expand its activities as a clothing partner with clothing and accessories for women. Developing special women's cycling apparel is one of the brand's focus points. Björn Jeurissen, CEO of AGU says: "In recent years we have worked hard with Team Jumbo-Visma and our partners to continuously innovate the men's cycling apparel. The result is the highest quality, most innovative and aerodynamic cycling apparel that offers optimal comfort during training and races. We are delighted to be able to do the same for the women's team. For years, AGU has been committed to offering the widest possible range of women's cycling apparel. We don't shrink it and pink it, which means making the products for men more feminine, but develop products that are specifically tailored to women cyclists."

Special chamois in cycling shorts

The women's team's cycling apparel differs from that of the male riders in many ways. For example, the patterns used are specifically suited to women, the jerseys contain a waistband that reduces pressure at the waist and a special chamois is added to the cycling shorts. AGU is also developing a number of items specifically for the women's team, such as a modified sprint suit and bib shorts. The products AGU is developing with and for the women of Team Jumbo-Visma will also be available to recreational cyclists via AGU's website and special outlets.


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