The clock's been turned back, which means the days are getting shorter, darkness is setting in faster and visibility in traffic is decreasing. And because of the cold and rain, more people are using their cars. In short, paying attention when riding your bike is essential and being visible to others is critical. In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can make yourself visible in all fall-winter conditions.

The solution

So visibility, where do you start? Obviously clear and well functioning bicycle lights are a no-brainer. Never leave your home without them. But they are not enough. They're often small pinpricks of light to a driver in a car. You need to stand out more. Our solution comes in two principles: Neon Hi-vis and Reflection print, packed in one Visibility Collection. With our neon-colored cycling clothing, you are always clearly visible. Even during the day and at dusk. In order to stand out even more in the dark, we also use Reflection prints in addition to the Neon Hi-vis.

Neon yellow does not only absorb and reflect visible light as normal colors do, but it also absorbs energy from the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. After absorbing this energy, it is emitted as light; it looks as if the jacket has a glow to it. As a result, you see the neon yellow color two to three times as brightly as other colors.

Where neon stands out because of its bright color, our mist prints reflect the light coming from street lighting and headlights making you stand out more when it gets really dark and you need to be seen. So how can you apply that to your riding?



During twilight, visibility decreases quickly. In dry circumstances you can wear a nice and warm cycling jersey in neon, like our long sleeve Neon Hi-vis Thermo cycling jersey. When darkness sets in, you can combine this with a mist print padded body warmer. This will make you feel warmer and more visible in headlights. The perfect combination for your evening ride.


When your riding in the dusk and it starts raining, a neon raincoat such as the Essential Rain Jacket Essential is the perfect solution. This model is rain and windproof and comes in a handy storage pouch. Ideal for changing weather conditions. Because of the neon color in combination with reflective details, you are always clearly visible during bad weather conditions. The perfect jacket to start with.

3: Riding the dark

Where neon is effective at dusk, you need more when it is actually gets darker. To stand out in the darkest conditions, we designed the Winter Jacket Essential Hi-vis. This jacket is the best of both worlds combining neon panels with reflective mist prints so that you are always visible in traffic regardless of how much light there is, both during day and nighttime. The best way to stand out from the rolling crowd.


When the night has fallen and the rain is coming down, you'll need something extra. And who knows, maybe neon yellow is not your favorite color? Then our Storm Breaker Winter Thermo Jacket may be the thing for you. This jacket offers extra wind protection, is waterproof and has a reflective print all over to increase visibility in traffic.

5: One jacket to rule them all

You can combine different items and take them with you to adapt to all circumstances, or you can use one jacket that can do it all: The Prime Rain Jacket. The jacket is available in a combination of neon yello pannels and mistprint, but also in a full neon version that als offers reflection. In addition to that, the jacket is highly breathable and completely waterproof. We developed this jacket with the legendary Tony Martin of Team Jumbo-Visma. All of Tony's knowledge about safety and visibility is reflected in this jacket. The Prime Rain jacket will be on sale from January 2022.

6: Tony's advies: a neon helmet

Cycling legend Tony Martin has been advocating safe cycling for years. ‘’A lot of accidents happen to cyclists every day, unfortunately. And what I realized is that you can actually minimize the dangers yourself, at least to a certain degree. Especially by being clearly visible in traffic, preferably with bright, color-intensive clothing.’’ It’s because of this that we have developed the Visibility Collection together with Tony. A great tip from Tony is to wear a Neon Hi-vis bike helmet, since you always wear a helmet anyway.


Moving parts such as hands and feet stand out more when you ride a bike. For extra safety, invest in Neon or Reflective accessories such as shoe covers and gloves. With Tech Hi-vis gloves, your hand remains clearly visible when signaling your turn in traffic. With Neon Coversocks Shoe Covers you stand out more and the reflective details on your overshoes ensure that it'll be more difficult for drivers to overlook you. Small detail, big difference.



Dare to stand out when you ride in the dusk or dark on dry or rainy days. Being more visible doesn't only help you, but also other people in traffic that will be able to see you coming from affar. All in all, it just gives a much more relaxed feeling as you enjoy evening rides.