When it comes to finding a good chamois, the offer is huge, but finding the right one is often not so easy. They are integrated in a wide variety of bibshorts. From budget friendly to fairly expensive. There is a solution for every budget, but what do you need to know when buying a cycling short? Don't worry, we will help you out by explaining which three chamois pads are used in AGU (bib)shorts..

#1 A background story

In 1989 AGU becomes the first company in the world to produce chamois padding from artificial leather, the fabric of which was by then only seen in expensive cars. Marketed as Nalini, these paddings were the result of extensive testing and innovation, a process that would continue to this very day. Through this process of innovation, AGU introduces the first carbon fibre based chamois pads in 2011. Excelling in distribution of pressure and perspiration due to the use of carbon fibres, these antibacterial pads were notable for their comfort and technical look. Fast forward to now, we have developed three chamois pad options in our (bib)shorts. The professionals of Team Visma | Lease a Bike can choose between the RED 120 and BLACK 320 chamois, depending on their personal preference, just like all cyclists who opt for AGU bibshorts.

#2 The chamois padding shoud  make (bib)shorts more comfortable

No matter whether you're going on relaxed Sunday trips or going for a demanding bike tour: comfortable (bib)shorts are essential. Cycling is a real strain on your bottom and can quickly become uncomfortable if you wear the wrong pants. When it comes to comfort, the chamois padding plays a decisive role. 

After careful research, development and feedback from our panel of test-riders and professionals, AGU developed three new and improved chamois pads for men and women, the GREEN 95, the RED 120 and the BLACK 320. So don't worry: there is a chamois pad for every type of rider.

#3 The basic seat pad for beginners: the GREEN 95

Our AGU GREEN 95 is the entry-level model and a good padding, with which you can ride super comfortable. The material is made of quick-drying, comfortable 10 mm foam and offers excellent cushioning for basically everyone. With an excellent price-performance ratio, this pad is the perfect choice for beginner and also for regular cyclists.

Our GREEN 95 padding can be found in our Essential Bibshorts for men und women.

#4 The perfect chamois padding for hot summer days: The RED 120

Do you love cycling tours in Spain, Italy or other hot countries where (extreme) temperatures can be a real challenge? We have something for you: the RED 120 padding. Our RED 120 is not only perfect for the hottest days, but also groundbreaking when it comes to comfort. For longer rides as well as for a more frequent use, you benefit from the extremely high damping value of the High Impact Perforated Foam. In addition, the padding is equipped with Skyving technology, which prevents skin irritation due to minimal height differences in the padding. That made this padding an absolute favourite among our test riders. Flexible, comfortable and offers comfort exactly where it is needed most.

You will find the RED 120 in all AGU High Summer and other Trend bibshorts for men and women. The RED 120 chamois is used by Team Jumbo-Visma and is the favourite chamois of Tom Dumoulin.

#5 The ultimate chamois padding for demanding cyclists: The BLACK 320

For our AGU premium and SIX6 collection we have developed the BLACK 320, which uses the unsurpassed damping value of the Hybrid Cell System. This padding is thin, light, highly breathable and hard-wearing. The top layer is made of CoolCube, which prevents irritation and chafing while wicking sweat away from the skin and keeping you fresh and dry. The BLACK 320 is used by the professionals of Team Visma | Lease a Bike.

What is Hybrid Cell?

Hybrid Cell is the best seat pad technology available on the market. The Hybrid Cell system in the BLACK 320 padding has reached a density of 200 kg/m³, resulting in a much thinner and lighter padding than the outdated gel padding in some other chamois pads. Small air bubbles provide the ideal cushioning. The material is more permeable to air and more resistant to wear than the previous model. This ensures a high level of comfort, even in the most extreme situations, such as a 200-kilometre ride in the saddle. The BLACK 320 seat pad is included in our best cycling shorts, such as the shorts from the AGU SIX6 collection and the AGU Premium collection.

More tips on the subject of cycling shorts:

  • For the perfect fit, cycling shorts should be tight so that they take strain off the muscles. Plus, the chamois padding should be in the right place when sitting on the saddle.
  • Like all AGU cycling shorts do, the bibshorts should have as few seams as possible to prevent pressure points and reduce friction.
  • To ensure you can enjoy your (bib)shorts for a long time, you should take proper care for them. We recommend that you machine wash your (bib)shorts in the gentle wash cycle. Use a mild detergent and do not use fabric softener, as this can cause the trousers to lose their elasticity.
  • Are you looking for the perfect cycling shorts?

Your are beginner and looking for more useful tips? In our blog article "TIPS FOR BEGINNERS" we give you tips and tell you what is important for biking-newbies.


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