AGU x Team Jumbo-Visma



  1. Verve HDII LTD Edition Italy Glasses
  2. Verve HDII LTD Edition Belgium Glasses
  3. Verve HDII LTD Edition Netherlands Glasses
  4. Verve HDII LTD Edition Armagnac Glasses
  5. Verve HDII LTD Edition Marble Glasses
  6. Vigor XL HDII Glasses In 2 colors
  7. Vigor HDII Glasses In 2 colors
  8. Verve HDII Glasses
  9. Podium Glasses Team Jumbo-Visma
  10. Verve HDII Glasses In 5 colors
  11. BLVD Glasses


  1. Primoz Roglic Collab Jersey SS Team Jumbo-Visma Men
  2. Primoz Roglic Collab Bibshort Team Jumbo-Visma Men
  3. Replica Bibtight Team Jumbo-Visma Men
  4. Replica Body Team Jumbo-Visma Men Windproof
  5. Replica Jersey LS Team Jumbo-Visma Men
  6. Replica Slovenian Champion Jersey SS Team Jumbo-Visma Men
  7. Replica German Champion Jersey SS Team Jumbo-Visma Men
  8. Premium Aero Jersey SS Team Jumbo-Visma Men
  9. Replica Jersey SS Team Jumbo-Visma Men 2021
  10. Replica Jersey SS Team Jumbo-Visma Women 2021
  11. Replica Bibshort Team Jumbo-Visma Men 2021
  12. Replica Kids Bibshort Team Jumbo-Visma Kids 2021

For 2020, we have imbued our collections with more trickle-down technology than ever before. This means that the attributes we use for our most premium products are now also finding their way into the other collections, which all benefit from increased performance and both visual- and textural upgrades. From the professionals straight to the enthusiasts.

This not only goes for our Aero bibshorts, jerseys, and jackets, but also for the cold-weather accessories we have developed for Team Jumbo-Visma, and which are now available to all cyclists who want to keep riding their bikes in any condition. We have been sure to place a big emphasis on all-important safety during the darker months, so many products have added elements that will improve visibility on the road. All these products will supply you with the means and protection to keep riding throughout the winter, no matter where, when or how you want to ride.

We will prepare you for any bike ride.


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