The importance of well-fitting fast clothing in elite cycling cannot easily be overestimated. "Aero" has been the key word for years when it comes to minimising drag and vortex around a cyclist's body. Even more than in regular stages, this importance is greater in the time trial. Battles are fought at the sharp end, grand tours are won and lost in a time trial. Everything then has to go with the flow, sit well, be tight, like a second skin. And that is why the riders of Team Visma | Lease a Bike wear the fastest suit.

Percentages en millisecondes

Since AGU andTeam Visma | Lease a Bike joined forces, our R&D team has been working, in close consultation with the riders and performance staff, to develop an improved speed suit. All the team's time trial specialists receive a custom-made suit, specifically adapted and tested in the wind tunnel. A very intensive process that yields less air resistance and percentage time gains compared to the starting situation," said Professor Bert Blocken of TU Eindhoven. Richard Plugge, director ofTeam Visma | Lease a Bike, endorses this importance: "For riders like Wout van Aert, every millisecond counts. Gaining time is hugely important and can be found in the smallest details. AGU has really stepped up to the plate here and taken us to the next level."

Riders like Wout van Aert and Jonas Vingegaard can use every fraction of time gained to realise the team ambition of winning the Tour de France.


Bjorn Jeurissen, CEO AGU: "AGU's product development has accelerated since the start of the partnership. The feedback we receive from all over the team, both from the coaching staff and the riders themselves, is priceless. The personal contact makes this collaboration unique and, as a truly Dutch company, we are enormously proud of that. That all the innovative products are then available in our permanent collections for every rider, at every level, completes the circle."


All Team Visma | Lease a Bike clothing is tailor-made for each individual rider. That also applies to the time trial suits. With these suits, we have taken another step when it comes to optimising the clothing versus the rider's posture and position on the bike.


Collaborating with Team Visma | Lease a Bike staff and riders is essential to our research and apparel development. Last year, we further refined and optimised the Team Visma | Lease a Bike equipment to maximise performance every day. The riders provide our designers with continuous feedback. Feedback we use to further sharpen materials and processes to make our clothing even lighter, more comfortable, breathable and aerodynamic. After extensive testing by the pros, we also implement those improvements in our collections.

Everything is perfected to perfection, every seam, every stitching, down to every fibre we go for the best cycling clothing for the best riders. The time trial suit and the knowledge we gain in the wind tunnel is the basis on which the rest of the clothing is further developed.

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The technologies we are developing with Team Visma | Lease a Bike can also be seen in clothing on sale for fans and enthusiasts. The AGU High Summer Jersey, High Summer Six6 Jersey and the Aero Premium bibshort use exactly the same technology. Only the products have a slightly different design. And again, available for everyone. So you can be all Aero from your helmet to your socks, just like the fastest riders do.

And for the real fans, we have the Team Visma | Lease a Bike replicas.

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Opt for good products made from consciously selected fabrics and materials that match the season.

Clothing that allows your body to cool itself effectively is essential, especially for high-summer days.

Wind, rain, snow, frigid cold—if you’re well prepared, you can ride through it all. But you’d better be smart.

Few riders look forward to cycling in the rain. Once you are out there, you can have a great time though!


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